In 2011 Durban became the first African city to host the annual United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change, or COP17. As a company heavily committed to clean energy solutions and climate change prevention, Siemens wanted a stand-out presence both at COP17, and in the city of Durban during the week of the Conference.
Along with themed side events and thought leadership conferences hosted by Siemens, the agency was tasked with creating a centrepiece that would both educate the public on Siemens’ offering as a green company, and stand as a symbol of Siemens’ commitment to a cleaner tomorrow. As a result, we created the Siemens Baobab Tree.
Made from reclaimed steel and wooden pallets and standing over 25 metres tall on the Durban beachfront, the Baobab featured over 1000 solar-powered LED lights, as well as hundreds more LED lights that burned brightly when passers-by powered them by pedalling on specially-adapted bicycles.
Featured in almost every television, press and online news article from the COP17 news reporters, the tree was then gifted to the City of Durban as a testament to Siemens’ hope for a clean-energy future.

Loerie Award Best International Exhibition, Brand Experience or Creative Event
The Events Awards Siemens AG COP17: Activation

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