In the heartbeat of South Africa, where life dances to its vibrant rhythm, Miller Genuine Draft embarked on a mission to redefine the art of celebration. The challenge was crystal clear: captivate the Gen Y market, creating a seismic boom echoing through nightclubs and radio waves. This crescendoed into the pinnacle experience - the Miller Dark Horse Marquee at the 115th Vodacom Durban July*.
To position Miller Genuine Draft as the ultimate premium party companion, delivering an unexpected and unforgettable experience through the Miller Marquee sponsorship in partnership with 5FM.
Campaign Mechanics: 
In true Miller style, we unfurled the red carpet on wheels, introducing fully-kitted-out luxury coach buses named Dark Horses. These sleek party machines, one for each major city, embodied true VIP party vibes, enticing our loyal customers to savour the Miller Highlife.
Entry in Style:
Entering the Miller Rock The Races campaign was a breeze. Order an ice-cold Miller at premium nightclubs, bars, or taverns, and you secure an entry into our draw. Off-trade outlets in trendy areas were marked for engaging activations. Purchase a case of beers, and "voila" – your ticket into the Miller Dark Horse experience was earned.
The Beats of Entry:
Fuelling the anticipation, we cranked up the volume on 5FM radio during prime times, hosting competitions with DJ Fresh, Roger Goode, and Euphonic. The airwaves buzzed with excitement, setting the stage for what was to come. But we didn't stop there. Up for grabs was an exclusive ticket aboard a Dark Horse, offering a tantalising taste of the Miller Highlife experience. We weren't ready to put our ponies out to pasture just yet.
The Ultimate Prize Awaits:
Our winning entrants weren't just in for a ride; they stood a chance to claim VIP status at the Miller Dark Horse Marquee at the Vodacom Durban July. Picture this – a trip on the Exodus, an 8-hour convoy from Johannesburg, leading our champions to the ultimate party destination. It wasn't just a journey; it was an odyssey of style, flavour, and the Miller Highlife. The stage was set, the Dark Horses were unleashed, and the Miller experience was about to hit its crescendo at the Vodacom Durban July.
Marquee Extravaganza:
Spanning over 5,000 square meters, the Miller Dark Horse Marquee promised pure party indulgence. Lucky ticket holders were treated to a VIP lounge, a gourmet food court, and show-stopping entertainment featuring the who's who of the music scene, with 5FM’s finest and local artists like Milkshake, VDP DJ’S Liquid Deep, Tear Gas, Lochnville, 1st Project, Lulo Café, C-Live, Dimplez, George the Beat Boxer, Goodluck, and Zakes Bantwini - hosted by the dynamic MCs Grant and Anele.
Mysterious Dark Horse After-Party:
A secret and exclusive Dark Horse after-party awaited those who dared to embrace the unknown - an experience whispered about in hushed tones, shrouded in mystery.
The Miller Dark Horse campaign created a seismic wave of excitement across South Africa. Nightclubs pulsed with the Miller Time rhythm, radio waves resonated with the beats of 5FM, and the Marquee became the epitome of pure party indulgence. The mysterious Dark Horse after-party became the talk of the town, elevating Miller Genuine Draft's status as the go-to party companion.
In collaboration with 5FM, Miller Genuine Draft successfully redefined its sponsorship agreement, leaving an indelible mark on the Gen Y market. The brand not only brought the party to the people but also solidified its name as the architect of unforgettable experiences.
*The Vodacom Durban July, Unrivalled as Africa's most significant sporting and social event and host to over 55,000 patrons, is an annually anticipated horse racing extravaganza at the Greyville Racecourse in Durban, South Africa, renowned for its prestige and glamour.
Beyond being a major sporting event, it is a cultural and social highlight on the South African calendar. Taking place on the first Saturday of July each year, it draws a diverse crowd, contributing significantly to the tapestry of events in South Africa's horse racing and social scenes. Synonymous with high fashion, thrilling races, and a vibrant social atmosphere, it captivates a wide range of spectators, including horse racing enthusiasts, celebrities, and the general public.

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