Evolving an icon
The Sun International brand was faced with a problem… it needed to pull its Resorts business and Gaming enterprises under one banner. Added to that, its properties’ brands were outshining the mother brand. Consumers didn’t realise brands like the Table Bay Hotel, Boardwalk, and Carnival City were Sun International brands.
The solution was to create an integrated campaign that pulled all the property brands under one banner with the promise… 
A Million Thrills. One Destination. 
Charlize Theron was the perfect fit for the campaign. She, like Sun International, is a South African icon who has won worldwide acclaim for her beauty and showmanship. Perfect for the beauty and allure of the Resorts… and the sexy entertainment of the Casinos.
We had Charlize for 3 days to shoot a 90-second commercial (see below) as well as 1 day for a photographic shoot… to cover 3 years' worth of print & outdoor campaigns. Various sets were built at Sun City to give the sense that she was experiencing all the ‘thrills’ of the key Sun International properties.

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