A design system built to optimise the creative production process - proven to be cost-effective as well as valuable in producing integrated communication across various media touch-points, whilst promoting effective brand development.
The Challenge:
In 2015, Sun International commissioned a branding agency to create an identity system that unifies the properties whilst retaining its unique and individual flair. Through extensive research and development, the Sun International Ways were created for each of the properties: 
However, the visual identity systems were ineffectively utilised in the digital era.
The Solution:
Using the existing assets, and taking inspiration from broadcast, we set about creating a large gallery of animated patterns and textures, all giving personality to each segment of the design system.
The DDS encompasses many of the key aspects to convey tone, identity, and character whilst keeping information engaging, enjoyable and relevant using screen narrative.  ​​​​​​​
The DDS provides an advantage in terms of economy of scale, allowing for rapid production of content for a range of platforms while also utilising rich media such as video. This captivating content is utilised on both owned digital platforms and on screens around Sun International's properties.
It is effortless to manage, curate and distribute.
The DDS does not replace the need for powerful ideas and creativity but rather optimises communication allowing Fusion to assist in solving greater business challenges and problems using creative problem-solving, UX principles and innovation.

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